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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Casablanca-Riding a Black Swan

A lot of rock and roll has lost its insane, hedonistic magic, the magic that allowed it to triumph and become so darn enjoyable in the first place. Wild and vicious, Riding a Black Swan is a heap of rock and roll anarchy that just grabs the listener by the throat and gets them singing along to ten anthemic tracks. Music for a new generation of rock fans that still pays respects to its roots Riding a Black Swan is an early candidate for best rock record of 2014, it is simply that good. Not a lot of bands have this combination of skills to produce a record this excellent.

The thing that makes this record so enjoyable is the fun behind the sound, these songs are serious, but they are simply lovable. These guys have a gift for songwriting that almost all of their contemporaries can only be jealous of. Their is simply no other to describe songs that are as good as Hail the Liberation. There isn't a bad song on this record, it just keeps coming, pound after pound of power metal inflected rock and roll glory. These songs are bombastic and crazy, the way they crash along can not be matched, all of the magic of the 80s is combined with modern power to get something unique and powerful. The end result is one of the most listenable records I've heard in a very long time.

When this record is released on January 20th, waves will be made in the rock scene. People will turn their heads and genuflect, this is possibly the greatest rock record made in years. Their is something incredible to this record, an aura of power that the music simply exudes. Very few bands make me feel this way but Casablanca get it. Riding a Black Swan is the music of the gods, other bands can only dream of ever matching up to Casablanca's skill and passion. Suffice to say, the future seems very bright for Casablanca and I am excited to hear what they do next!

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