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Monday, December 9, 2013

Jaldaboath-The Further Adventures of Jaldaboath

JALDABOATH The Further Adventures

A lot of these 'comedy metal' bands leave everything in the punchline and don't really go for musical excellence. The heraldic Templar metal, cacophonic castle rock, and head banging horse riding metal of Jaldaboath does not fall into this trap. Their music is wonderfully constructed, folky, and fun to listen too, in many ways these guys are a sort of medieval Alestorm, fun, hard hitting, and fully aware of how triumphant and ridiculous their music is. Their new record The Further Adventures of Jaldaboath is an impressive sophomore release and showcases one of the most hilarious bands in metal today.

Jaldaboath do a great job of fusing different musical influences into something that is distinctly metal, but definitely appealing to people from all walks of life. The heavy but melodic content of their songs is easy to latch on too. The lead lines in songs like Dex The Whispering Dwarf really draw in the ear with their medieval tinged approach. Toss in some excellent synth lines and you have yourself some metal madness for the masses. A final note, the vocal delivery is wonderful, it has a very Monty Pythonesque quality to it and makes tracks like the bouncy Father Pig so much fun. Furthermore, the lyrics are genuinely funny, they don't sound forced, and on several occasions you just have to laugh out loud.

So, if you want a fun and light hearted metal record to kick off your week then Jaldaboath is the band for you. It's humorous, brilliantly constructed, and capable of capturing the hearts of millions of listeners across the globe. I get the distinct impression that Jaldaboath will be going far on this second release. The Further Adventures of Jaldaboath reigns brightly because of the fact that these guys are unapologetic in their dedication to heavy metal madness. From their overblown backstory to their tight and listenable sound, Jaldaboath rock, I can not wait to hear what these guys do next!

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