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Tuesday, December 17, 2013



Barilium is the kind of raging death metal band who make underground shows so enjoyable, these guys have a sound that is groove driven and turned up to eleven. Their is no real escape from the undeniable rage of this band and the way they blast forward is always exciting. Their new record Growth In Pain is a testament to the might of these Swedish death metallers. Note though, their music is not at all like the traditional Swedish death metal scene. If I were to compare Barilium to any one band then I might say that they are a sort of Swedish equivalent of Lamb of God, powerful, technical, and eager to deliver much more than meets the eye. On top of all of this is a beast of a lead singer who really can rip it, my favorite example is probably on their track Merchants of Chaos which is quite honestly possibly their best song. The way he roars out of my speakers is impressive and leaves me begging for more. In short, Barilium know how to write some top notch death metal, so prepare your bones for crushing, Growth In Pain is here for your skull.

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