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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Grim and evil, Mystifier make black metal plain and simple. Their go for the throat sound has never left the crypt, but frankly, that just makes the entire thing better, more violent and apt to rip your throat out with its dedication to pure black metal slaughter. Their classic record Wicca  is not at all part of this silly 'post black metal' movement. No, their music is overblown, brutal, and fueled by an undying hatred, a decrepit birth that reaches out and tears you apart limb from limb. This is black metal in the grand old style, lo fi and absolutely evil in every way.

The first thing that will strike you is that this is not a pretty sounding record, Mystifier's music is filled with unholy blasts, charges into Valhalla that are fueled by rage and eternal Southern darkness. South American black metal has always stood out to me for its sheer rage and Wicca is a great example of the cruel and evil music that the continent can produce. The songs tend to be under five minutes long and filled with vicious blast beats that rage for the entire album. The vocals are unholy and disgusting, simply adding to the bleak hatred found throughout this record. The strict anti-Christianity message is surprisingly well argued and provides an interesting final layer to the music.

In closing, Mystifier have done something special with Wicca this is the sort of record that keeps your head banging but also exposes you to interesting ideas, and a new way of life. This is a record that represents all that is glorious and evil in South American black metal and I feel like Mystifier could go far. These Brazil have already made something of a name for themselves in their last 24 years of black metal destruction (Yes, they've been around since 1989) and the legend only increases, this re-release of Wicca is well merited, this is a record that will tear apart your soul and drag you into the abyss.

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