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Saturday, December 7, 2013

No Gods No Masters

No Gods No Masters Demo/ EP cover art

Sluuuuuuudge meeeeetaaaaaaal, slow, destructive, here to grind your bones to a pulp, that is what the genre is for, and by god do No Gods No Masters pull it off with aplomb. The slamming power of tracks like Lost for Words is impressive, the might behind the riffs often puts me in awe. The bass heavy sound helps to create something that you feel in your bones. Meanwhile, the growls are simply vicious, they deliver in a way that is filled with hatred, evil, and simple and unadulterated darkness. This is sludge metal at its most violent and beautiful extreme, there is nothing here born of love, but only hatred and darkness and I like it that way. Ready to force your body into twisted and unholy motion the attack of No Gods No Masters is distinctly evil. I really love their whole delivery and the crunch that goes into their sound. This is what sludge is all about, heavy riffs that hit you in the gut. As a long time Sabbath Worshipper what more can a guy ask for? So let your hair down, turn it up and let's go, it's time for No Gods No Masters!

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