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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Fallen Fate-Into the Black

Now here is something unique and interesting, a death metal record that is distinctly modern in sensibilities despite still being pure and powerful. The electronic and symphonic elements do more than merit their place on this record, they drive it to new extremes, give the music a new power, and generally make things more interesting. Into the Black serves as proof that this type of super polished and immaculate death metal can still crush skulls. This is modern death metal at its finest, explosive and passionate, the sort of release that will pulverize bones in a way that none of their competitors can touch.

Their is a sort of raw ferocity behind some of these songs that really drives things to the next level. I think part of what makes this release so special for me is the way that the symphonic keyboards help to pad out the riffs and give girth to the guitar parts. The end result of this is music that is very listenable and really pumps you up with rock and roll energy. The only band that I could at all compare Fallen Fate to is At The Gates or perhaps Septicflesh, they have the same raw attack mixed with something more, something greater and more majestic. Not a lot of records manage to reach out and touch the listener as Fallen Fate do and it really makes them into something special, something more.

In closing, if you want death metal of the highest caliber that is bringing the genre forward and showcasing a new and bright future for the music then this is the record for you. Fallen Fate know how to write solid death metal tunes and gets head banging and mosh pits moving. Their unique brand of throat tearing symphonic metal is poised to take the world by storm. I for one am very excited to see where Fallen Fate bring their trademark sound. With Lamb of Gods grooves and Triviums bombast Fallen Fate have a tight and accurate sound, prepare yourself for the metal destruction of our times.

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