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Monday, December 9, 2013

Project Silence-One Way To Hell

Some of you may remember Project Silence from a review I did of them way back in April of their stellar 424 album. Their new single One Way To Hell is a clear progression on past works, much more in the industrial metal field. These two songs come together and show an interesting way forward for Project Silence, maybe a bit further from their original aggrotech than some would like, but still very good all around. This is a step in a fresh direction for Project Silence and keeps things interesting and exciting. I especially dig how catchy the music is as a whole. In particular, the immortal cry of 'Do you really want to die' on the title track really helps put things in perspective and showcases the might of the band. Another highlight in the Project Silence sound is the use of guitar solos and lead lines which is very much increased from One Way To Hell. Yes this is still the band you know and love, but they've just grown a bit and I think that any fan of industrial metal will still find them enjoyable and heavy hitting.

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