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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Matt's Top 10 Albums of 2013

Another year has come and gone, so before I go out to my New Years Party (Which is, sadly, not metal) I figured I would hit you guys up with my top ten records of the year. It's been a pretty crazy twelve months and obviously far more good records came out this year. I actually tend towards death metal here because SO MUCH good stuff was put out this year.

1. Carcass-Surgical Steel
It's Carcass, it's their first record in 17 years, they're basically one of the best bands in the world and this is quite literally a top 10 all time death metal record. The lords of gore are back and quite honestly, better than ever. I was nervous for a while as to how this album would turn out, but from the opening bars of the leak of Captive Bolt Pistol I knew it would slay. This record is definitely on par with Heartwork and suggests that the band could really bring it in the future. Suffice to say, I am begging for a sequel, the second part of Carcass's career might end up being the best!

2. Windhand/Cough-Reflections of the Negative
When I saw Windhand live a few months ago, it was basically a religious experience, their music is magic, powerful and simply almighty. Cough, who provide the first half of the split are actually the highlight for me, their contribution blows my mind every time. This is doom metal at its finest, a split between two of the greatest doom metal bands on the scene, a scene where doom is really dominating. With the promise of more from Cough next year I am psyched.

3. Windhand-Soma
Yeah, yeah, same band two entries in a row, but Soma is simply THAT good. The 30 minute closer Boleskine has actually made its way to being one of my favorite songs of all time. These guys create progressions that are simply out of this universe, masterpieces that you fall into with no restraint. There is an undying and holy power here that will not be tamed Be careful when listening to Soma you might never find your way out.

4. Gorguts-Colored Sands
Their first record in ten years, dude, this album, THIS ALBUM, Gorguts did something very different from previous records, but by god is it awesome. Backed up by a dream team of musicians Luc Lemay has created a powerful artistic statement. I can not wait to hear more from this new and exciting iteration of Gorguts. Not a lot of bands can get a record this varied that still sounds like it is a part of a whole, just listen, you won't regret it.

5. Bloodmoon-Voidbound
Yes, this is kind of my pet band, I love Bloodmoon so much and I will defend them with every bone in my body. There debut Orenda made my top 10 list last year and lets just say, Voidbound is a huge development on that record. With a third release already in the works and due out in 2014 I am anticipating great things from these dudes, they are bringing the doom across America, watch out for them to become huge in the next few years.

6. Rivers of Nihil-The Conscious Seed of Light
Simply put, Rivers of Nihil are the 2010's answer to Revocation (More on them later) The Conscious Seed of Light is a positively stunning debut from the harsh growls to the top notch bass playing there is a lot to love about this record, it even has some sick cover art! What I love about this record is that it fuses the old with new, an old school death metal record that could not have come out any other year than 2013, this will cause necks to snap, lets leave it at that.

7. Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats-Mind Control
Sure this record has an 'old school' sound, but it is so much more than vest metal. You see, these guys don't go for the easy trap of 'classic' riffs, instead they create mysterious droning soundscapes that somehow still fit into the good old Black Sabbath style. Now, my dad has seen them live and told me they are excellent, I can't wait to catch them in 2014. If you want something sludgy, heavy, and strangely brutal, Mind Control is the record for you!

8. Revocation-Revocation
The thrash gods in the making are back with another top notch record. Although it may be weaker than 2012's Chaos of Forms there is still a lot to love about this release. I get the feeling Revocation are still building their sound, every record they put out has something different and the way they are going seems very exciting. Look for more crazed development from these guys, they have a lot of promising ideas and I'm thrilled to see where they will be going!

9. Orphaned Land-All is One
Now here is one that I haven't seen on a lot of top ten lists and I can't really fathom why. There is mainstream appeal here (I got my mom to listen to a side) and the performances are all stellar. Maybe it's just because the lyrics are too Jesus-centered? This is one of the very few non Satanic 'religious' metal records I can tolerate and I demand more. Orphaned Land have just put out their best release to date and I think their future will be very bright.

10. Nails-Abandon All Life
Ready to get your bones smashed to a pulp in under twenty minutes? Nails is quite literally, the new Carcass. They have a lot going on and their music is ridiculously brutal. Yet it's pretty clear that these guys have some RIDICULOUS technical chops. There is no way that Nails won't become huge, they practically already are. This is one of the bands who people will remember twenty years from now, so prepare yourself for the downbeat of a lifetime!

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