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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Eternal-When the Circle of Light Begins to Fade

When The Circle of Light Begins To Fade cover art

Not a lot of bands can claim to have been together long enough to put out five albums, but The Eternal have seemingly done it with ease. Their unique melancholic hard rock sound is rather beautiful in its own right. Their new record When the Circle of Light Begins to Fade is thirteen tracks of somber and majestic rock and roll mastery. This is the kind of record that sounds sad, yet somehow leaves you with a message of hope, a release that find a roundabout way into the listeners heart and then forces them to stay and enjoy the inner glory of the music.

There are a lot of things that help to make When the Circle of Light Begins to Fade and I think that a lot of them can be attributed to the bands relatively large output. The songwriting is very tight and features some clear and precise progressions. The vocal lines are especially well done, they help the listener to get lost in the music and the occasional female vocals add a lot of flavor to the music. I also really dig the guitar solos, not too flashy they slot in nicely with the music and add to the whole general atmosphere of the band. The way this group creates a soundscape is the product of much experience and it's frighteningly easy to get lost in all that the band is capable of doing.

What I'm trying to say here is that The Eternal is a group of truly excellent musicians. More than that though When the Circle of Light Begins to Fade often transcends music, it becomes a state of mind more than anything else, taking over your entire being and holding you in thrall to the dark tunes that dominate this record. From the initial track Circle of Light to the majestic closer, The Burning Truth, this album has come to capture and torture my heart. This is a record that could have a wide appeal, to more mainstream rock fans and dedicated metal dudes. I am excited to hear even more from one of Australia's greatest bands!

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