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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tad Morose-Revenant

There is a certain magic in heavy metal that not every band has the power to access. A sort of bombast required for bands to take their music to the next level. Let's just say, Tad Morose have got it. Their music is powerful, progressive and often simply fantastic. This is the kind of metal record that you hit play on and you know right off that this is going to be a fun ride. Years in the making Tad Morose's latest release Revenant is a testament to old glories and harbinger of great things to come, these guys are jamming metal down your throat and you have no choice but to eat it.

Their are a few ways that this album just clicks. See, Tad Morose formed in 1993, which was, a strange time in metal to say the least. Their music somehow sits on the edge of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal style bands, but still mixes in elements from 90's metal and even death metal. This creates a unique sound that is surprisingly easy to fall in love with. Toss in the fact that the bands singer is simply incendiary and you're getting somewhere. Another key thing to note is the stellar guitar playing, the riffs are punchy and the solos flashy. It keeps the music interesting and makes it hard to stop listening, Tad Morose have a good handle on what it is to craft full on heavy metal madness.

In closing, let's just say this, Tad Morose are a band who should have gotten popular 15 years ago. They have the talent, power, and passion to succeed. Revenant is a wonderful record and with a little luck, it will drive Tad Morose into the success that they so richly deserve. These guys know how to write a great heavy metal song and I'm excited to hear how this develops in the future. Explosive and ready to rock, Tad Morose have a grim understanding of their genre that only 20 years of experience can give you. So if you dig classic metal with a twist then be sure to check out Revenant you won't regret it!

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