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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Shroud Eater Interview!

So here's my latest interview, this time with Jean Saiz of the Florida sludge metal band Shroud Eater. If you don't know them already, you definitely should check out their new record Dead Ends  which I reviewed a little while back.

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How did you guys get together?
Janette and I found Felipe via Craigslist and after we jammed once we decided to keep playing together, which eventually turned into this band.

What is the driving force behind the band?
I don’t know really… It’s just a thing that burns in my belly and makes me want to go riff in front of a huge amplifier and scream at the top of my lungs. We all feel that fire, that’s why we’re still here playing music. It certainly isn’t for fame or fortune.

What inspires your lyrics?
Life, horror movies, literature, interactions with people, etc.

What kind of message are you trying to spread?
There’s no message, just an interest in playing music we enjoy and sharing it with others.

How do you feel about Dead Ends now that it's been out for a few months?
I’m proud of what we accomplished with Dead Ends, but I’m already focusing on what’s next. The songs feel old to me and I get excited when we’re writing and demoing new material.

What is it like to be in a female fronted sludge band?
It’s like being in any other band, except people like to ask what it’s like being in a female fronted band.

What edge do you think this gives you as opposed to other bands?

What is the future of Shroud Eater?
Making music, going on tour, releasing records, rinse and repeat until we’re all broke.

How is your sound going to develop in the future?
I don’t know, really. We write organically, so I think we’ll always maintain “our sound”, which is dark, heavy, sometimes slow and sometimes not. I like to joke that we’re the world’s fastest doom band.

What do you love so much about music?
I love that music is something that people can connect with, no matter what language they speak or what walk of life they come from. It speaks to people at their core, whether it’s metal, or pop, or country or whatever. Music has such a tremendous ability to move people, it’s intoxicating to be a part of that even in some small form.

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