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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Vulgar Picture-The World I Found

The World I Found cover art

A Vulgar Picture is the sort of thrash metal band who seek to continue the unholy alliance that the genre has with its death metal contemporaries. The end result is a record that is destructive and powerful the sort of thrash that was made for a new generation, blazing fast and ready to tear off your skull. What more could a boy ask for? This is loud proud and ferocious, all we really could ever need from a true thrash act, and A Vulgar Picture know it, making their new release, The World I Found all the more poignant and heart ripping.

One of the first things that will strike you about The World I Found is the sheer intensity of the vocals. These guys rip it in a way that few others can compare too. The harsh and unapologetic screams found throughout are poignant and powerful. Not a lot of bands get at brutality and darkness in the way that A Vulgar Picture do. Their blazing fast beats and wonderful touches of groove help to keep things stimulating. In addition to this the drumming is simply top notch. I love all of the fills stuck in to the music it helps to keep things exciting and showcases the unending thrash metal might of a band sent to destroy us all. Crafted by destruction and raw energy The World I Found is able to come out of the ground and curb stomp the listener into the ground.

In closing, if you want the kind of thrash metal record that is not only loud but also technical and gloriously violent, well then you need search no more. A Vulgar Picture have a bleak and dark understanding of the world of thrash metal and there is no respite from the kind of unapologetic heaviness that A Vulgar Picture seemingly have no regrets about drowning their listener in. This is thrash metal for a new generation, turned to the max and unwilling to hold back. In a world where so many thrash bands are mere trendsters, this is what the genre really needs.

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