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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Deathinition-Art of Manipulation

Deathinition is the kind of thrash metal band who not only bring the mosh, but carry out a simple and direct method of destruction. There is a sort of primitive, yet overarching power that makes Deathinition so exciting and gives beauty to their new record Art of Manipulation. This is thrash metal at its finest, ripping off skulls and making mincemeat of posers. Sure Art of Manipulation is only four songs long, but these Polish rockers definitely have something to prove.

The first thing that struck me about this record is the raw ferocity behind the vocals. Their is a clear desperation here, an inescapable torment from even the most destructive metal attack. This is built upon by the blazing riffs which are often highly melodic and very aggressive. From the opening song, you know that these guys have what it takes to thrash, and thrash hard, not a lot of bands get so close to the raw nerves that Deathinition carelessly mangle. Art of Manipulation has a wonderful hatred behind it that keeps things roaring to the closing moments of the EP.

So sure, Art of Manipulation is a mere sixteen minutes long, and sure, the production quality isn't always the best. Yet their is something here, something greater. It shows that Deathinition will not be conquered but instead drive forward, heads banging and hair flying as they acknowledge the metal attack. Their is a sort of beauty in this, a proof that metal will never die. So my brothers, link up your arms and bang your heads, Deathinition will surely rock until we are all dead!

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