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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Devoid-The Invasion

Picture of Devoid -The Invasion

Devoid is a wonderful Indian thrash metal band who will be playing at the upcoming ThrashFest organized by Transcending Obscurity. Their new EP The Invasion is four tracks (And an introduction) of thrash metal madness counterbalanced by some of the most impressive and well arranged instrumental passages that I have heard from a thrash metal band in a long time. This sort of dichotomy helps to set Devoid as a thrash metal band to watch in 2014 and The Invasion proves them to be one of the greatest acts that is coming out from one of metals most exciting scenes.

The general riff structure on this record is highly enjoyable. The way that Devoid bring their groove to the front of the sound helps to keep things interesting and exciting. The colossal bottom end is another thing that helps to make Devoid so good. Much like Revocation, though they are only a four piece they come across as unabashedly loud. This is especially interesting when you compare to the drawn out instrumental sections which provide a fitting relief to many songs. One example of this is found in the records first real track 'The Invasion' which uses a powerful guitar line to really give the listener an experience that can only be described as transcendent.

In closing, Devoid bring a bit of everything to the table and top it off with an infectious groove that simply can not be impinged upon. If you want the kind of thrash band who understand the original spirit of the genre yet bring a lot more to the table, well then, you have found your band. Devoid, get thrash metal in a way that few of their western contemporaries do. Filled with exciting new ideas and a raw energy that simply can not be questioned I would be excited to hear what Devoid are going to be able to bring too the table when they put out their next full length!

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