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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tyrants Blood-Coven

I've covered Tyrants Blood before, this is not the kind of band who just take some riffs, run them a bit faster and call it 'speed metal'. No, Tyrants Blood are speed metal turned all the way up, blazing fast and ready to explode. After seven years of heavy metal domination its fitting that they put together a compilation, especially considering that they never have put out their music digitally. This is a fitting capstone on a career that only promises to get bigger. Tyrants Blood speak to the spirit of thousands of metal heads across the globe, and this makes Coven all the more worthwhile.

The thing that really makes Coven wonderful is that is shows every aspect of the career of one of Canadas best metal bands. Here's the thing, not a lot of bands have so much high quality of material that they can put out a compilation record three albums into their career. Yet Tyrants Blood are clearly at the top of their game, metal masters who will have no truck with mediocrity. Furthermore, Tyrants Blood do a great job of choosing some of their best tracks. I was familiar with about half of the songs before I listened to Coven yet since then it has captured my heart and stomped it to pieces. Every track on Coven is a masterpiece and proves Tyrants Blood will forever reign supreme.

If you ever needed proof that good things could come from Canada Tyrants Blood offer you twelve good reasons why. Hair flying and skulls cracking, Coven captures the magic of death metal yet infuses it with Tyrants Blood's unique brand of screeching speed metal. Personally, I'd like to get this on vinyl, it's kind of a disappointment that its a digital only compilation. As is though, Coven is one of the greatest compilation records I have heard in a good long while. Tyrants Blood have long held a high standard of excellence and Coven simply proves it.

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