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Friday, January 10, 2014


Now THIS is death metal as it was meant to be, powerful, evil, crushing, and filled with imagery ripped from the bowels of hell. Anarchos is the kind of death metal band who understand the inherent darkness of a genre meant to tear souls apart. Not a lot of guys get the sheer darkness that Anarchos reflect in their music, but these (not so) gentlemen pull it off with aplomb. Destructive and capable of tearing your still beating heart from your chest, Anarchos is death metal for the purist. This is not the kind of act that will be loved by the casual fan, no, you have to be dedicated, grim, and powerful in your love (if not lust) for darkness to really dig into the music of Anarchos. Filled with members from Burning Hatred and the classic Ulcerate Fester Anarchos are one of the latest and greatest signees to Vic Records. I think they could do some great stuff in the next few months as they crush skulls across the globe. Not a lot of bands get this brutal, and few now how to do it right, but Anarchos understand death metal and for that, they are great!

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