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Friday, January 10, 2014

Marla Mase-Half Life

Half-Life cover art

Marla Mase may very well be this generations Lou Reed, and I mean it. With powerful, varied and moving spoken word music that somehow goes beyond what you think music should be Marla Mase has an impressive approach to sound. Deeply personal and incredibly beautiful, her new EP Half Life is evidence of the power that her fans have always known she had. Marla gets what she wants to do and executes with a perfection that none of her peers can claim to have. Not a lot of spoken word artists really capture the imagination like she does. This may be because Marla isn't entirely spoken word, there are strange and triumphant sung passages that add a lot of flavor and keep things interesting.

On top of all of this, her backing band is clearly excellent, they help to provide lush soundscapes and vivid solos for the mysterious tones of Ms. Mase to dance over. The diverse sounds found throughout this record is impressive and helps to give the entire affair a much more interesting vibe, bringing in diverse genres and keeping things fresh throughout. These New Yorkers have taken a clear artistic step from Speak Deluxe with this latest release, and I like it. Who knows what this mysterious modern rock genius will do next?

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