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Saturday, January 11, 2014


Now this is what doom is supposed to sound like. Slow, crushing, and strangely painful, Pyramido are the kind of doom metal band who understand what it is to create destructive and soul searching throbs. Sludgy music that gets to the heart of all things and tears out your last hope for life. These Swedes have created something special with their latest release Saga six tracks of doom metal madness Pyramido are at the top of their game. An incredibly varied and emotionally powerful release, this is the sort of thing that reminds me why I love doom metal so much.

One of the most impressive things about Saga is the way that it alternates between incredibly slow parts and more destructive almost crust punk styled bits. It emphasizes the general heaviness of the band and gives them a certain ugliness that not a lot of their peers can compare to. The tortured screams that emanate from this record help to give the thing a bleak beauty. From the incredible shrieks that dominate the opening, Varje Steg + ar Ett Snedsteg you can tell that this record is going to be a vocal triumph. Pyramido get what it is to crawl along half eviscerated, and they seem to want to communicate the harshness of reality in their tortured sound. Let's just say, they pull it off with aplomb.

In closing, this release is a testament to the songwriting and musical power of Pyramido. Colossal in its heaviness and heart rending in its sheer ugly glory doom freaks across the globe will find it easy to fall in love with Pyramido. Their is a sort of antediluvian might to be found in Saga and Pyramido know it. This group is going to make some waves in the doommunity in the future and I think and Saga is among their first steps, a record that is quite simply an ode to all that is heavy. Who knows what the future will hold for these doommeisters from the north?

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