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Sunday, January 26, 2014


Its Sunday morning, it brings the dawn in, and now it's time to snap our necks listening to thrash metal. Animator is the kind of thrash act whose explosive sound is filled with powerful riffs and precise solos. While at times the entire structure is too controlled and Animator don't go quite crazy enough the overall effect of their new record Blacklisted is a lot of fun. It shows a band who bring the mosh and know what it is to be turned up all the way to eleven. If you want to headbang until your neck cramps up, you can't go wrong with Animator on your stereo.

One of the things that will first strike you about this record is the way that the riffs are constructed. They have a precise sniper like delivery that gives them a wonderful bite. A great example of this is the staccato attack of tracks like Ultra '53. Meanwhile, the vocals are pretty great. While at times they fall into a slightly repetitive Suicidal Angels style attack when they cut loose it really brings the band to a new level. That is the key for Animator, when they go insane and let the raw energy of the music to take control they turn into thrash metal lords, reigning high above their competitors on a throne of blood. This madness suggests an untapped potential that could crush souls.

In closing, sure there are some areas where Animator could develop, but as is, Blacklisted is a pretty promising release. With some excellent dynamic shifts and a great thrash attack through and through it's easy to fall in love with this band. The songwriting is strong and the vocals vicious, they just need to learn how to get even deeper in thrall to the power of the genre in and of itself. Suffice to say, all the signs indicate that the sequel to Blacklisted could very well be a thrash metal record for the ages. And as for now, this is definitely going to be a record to remember.

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