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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Diapasyn

The Diapasyn

The Diapasyn is the kind of prog band that the world can only do with more of. Female fronted and filled with wonderful soundscapes that extol true prog madness, The Diapasyn have the potential to do something truly special with their music. We don't know a lot about these Maine natives, but it seems pretty clear that they have a distinct artistic direction. They have a strange way of crafting soundscapes that few others can really compare too. The way that the songs build upon themselves with all sorts of different layers cascading upon each other in a storm of music fury, well, it's just impressive. Their is no other way to describe a band that could craft the controlled madness of a song like Summer which finishes with a sort of prog jam that few but the greatest could really emulate. A band who a great understanding of dynamic contrast in their music and continually push themselves to new levels, I am excited to hear how they develop. As for now, check out the rare band who can appeal to both prog nerds and more traditional music fans!

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