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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sound of Memories at La Cigale

Sound of Memories, now there is a death metal band that I can really get behind. As our complete demolition of hardcore dancers in the pit evidenced this is not a band for poser scum. No, Sound of Memories is the sort of act who roar out of the gate and brook no quarter. That being said, they have a sort of larger appeal that is impressive to say the least. As I stood waiting to see them I saw around me rich kids, bored college students, and even some fairly elderly women. A shockingly large number of them stayed for the entire set.

This sort of speaks as to the undying power that this band brings to the stage. Sure they may have been the only metal band to play this day at Fallenfest, but you know what, that didn't matter. They got a decent pit going and a positively gigantic wall of death given the circumstances. Seriously, how can you criticize a band that got a fifty person wall of death in the middle of the afternoon? Sound of Memories have an incredible live energy, the way they position themselves on stage is impressive. Their is a beautiful co-ordination to their movements on stage, yet it never comes across as cheesy. Bring in some top notch musicianship and a wonderful execution you have to acknowledge the power and glory of this group.

So if you're a French metalhead looking for some top notch stuff, take heart. Here is the band for you, they're even kicking off a French tour soon! This is the sort of death metal group who transcend the genre, who understand the neverending power that this sort of music is supposed to have, and today at La Cigale they proved that. They proved it and won the hearts of a crowd who seemed set on pop and rock bands. Sure there were posers, sure some people will never understand, but for today, Sound of Memories played one of the largest stages in the nation, and by God did they rock!

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