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Friday, January 24, 2014

Beneath Dead Waves-Inertia

Beneath Dead Waves claim to play unashamed, unafraid, and outspoken heavy metal. Their new record Inertia proves to be a very strong statement supporting that. Filled with powerful riffs and top notch vocals that masterfully mix cleans with growls we start to see that Beneath Dead Waves have the power to take the metal world by storm. Inertia is the sort of record that mixes modern mainstream metal with more underground scenes. In this Inertia finds its true might combining the love of the casual fan with the heavy metal purist, crossing genres to win hearts.

One of the first things that will strike you about this record is how many styles of metal it fuses. The first track, Nemacyst, is something of a thrash metal song, while the last, Suppresional, is eight minutes long, a much more progressive piece. In between, we see every other genre in between, all featuring a unique mix of cleans and growls. That is really a highlight for me, this bands singer can really rip it, both with harsh and destructive screams and elegant but powerful clean vocals. It helps to make the entire thing unpredictable and exciting with twists and turns throughout. More than that, the guitar creates some wonderful grooves that give a sort of Lamb of God like feel to the whole affair, driving things up another level of heavy metal brilliance.

In closing, Inertia is the kind of record that the present day metal scene needs more of. Too often music is lost within genre tags and hatred between different groups of metalheads. Inertia represents a driving force that will bring metal dudes together across the globe. Through excellent songwriting and top notch musicianship Inertia comes together as a sort of conglomeration of years of work. It reflects upon the musicians in an honest and powerful way, and frankly, leaves any listener simply begging for more. Beneath Dead Waves understand heavy metal, and by Thor does that make them good!

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