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Thursday, January 23, 2014

St. Madness-Carnimetal

St. Madness have long been a staple of the Phoenix metal scene. Now, more than twenty years after their inception they have put together something of a best of. A two record compilation, Carnimetal, that captures all of the magic that these Arizona titans have put together over the years. Not a lot of bands have been around long enough to put out eight albums, and even fewer of those have such a defined image as this legendary act. I think it's fitting that they put together this release, it is proof of the undying power that metal will have, now and forever.

The collection of songs found on Carnimetal is vast to say the least. Thirty tracks allow for literally, hours of headbanging fun. This record has a little something from all of their albums and more. On the second disc, you will find some goodies like unreleased tracks, and bootlegs from waaaay back when St. Madness was still known as Crown of Thorns. More than this, the booklet that comes with the CD is extremely cool. Showcasing photos from every era of St. Madness as well as a word from the bands enigmatic frontman 'Prophet' you start to get a sense for the amount of work that went into the creation of this record. Frankly, I was astounded by the beauty of the endeavor, these guys have been together for so long putting out top notch stuff. This is a fitting jewel in their crown.

So if you want the sort of release that shows the enduring power of underground metal lords, look no further. Filled with all the songs that made St. Madness so great over the years it simply leaves me begging for more. These guys know how to write some top notch metal songs and so there is no greater pleasure than to listen to them rock it for hours on end. With elements of Slayer, Ozzy, Sabbath, and Maiden found throughout there is a little something for every fan of heavy music to be found on Carnimetal. The only thing we have to ask now is, when will the vinyl be out?

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