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Friday, January 24, 2014


Regular readers know that I am something of a Schuldiner worshipper. So when I come across a band who worship Chuck the Great and Terrible as much as I do, I am obviously pretty excited. Morfin is one such group and their new record Inoculation is nine tracks (And the obligatory Death cover) that fully reflect the magic of Schuldiner. As I said before, these guys are clearly hugely inspired by Death, yet their is also the influence of more modern groups Inoculation is a powerful debut from a death metal band who seem destined to rise up and take the world by storm.

If I were to make any sort of comparison for Morfin I would say that this release reminds me quite a bit of the first two records Schuldiner did (Not counting the demos) There is the same sort of despairing growl that has more than a touch of humanity in it. The opening cry of the song Cryostasis is highly indicative of this type of vocals, it really takes me back and captures my heart. The guitar work too has the same sort of chunky riffage that defined much of the playing on those early Death records. Their are clear differences though, it's apparent that these men are just as familiar with more modern bands, even if they don't take as much of an influence from them.

In short, if you want what is essentially a science fiction themed Death record, this is pretty much the best you could ever hope for. And by that I mean Morfin is really putting out some top notch stuff. These guys are at the top of their game and seem to only be getting better. With a rich guitar tone and powerful riffs their are not a lot of bands who really understand death metal in the way that Morfin do. The fact of the matter is that these dudes get the sheer magic of the music and if nothing else you have to respect them for that. Death metal fans one and all, let your hair fly, it's time for Morfin to crush your brain.

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