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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

BlackWolf-The Hunt

There are few enough top notch hard rock bands around these days. A lot of them are unoriginal, bland, or simply go for the horrific butt rock of Nickelback. So when you discover a rock band who offer more than that, it's a pretty special occasion. With their new record The Hunt BlackWolf showcase multiple levels of rock and roll madness at its finest. From bluesy solos to punk derived riffs there is a little something for every  fan of the genre to be had here. So plug it in, turn it up and let's go, we have some good old rock and roll music to listen too!

The first thing that strikes you after listening is the power of the songwriting. While many of the tracks are around 4-5 minutes long they each have unique ideas that come across in interesting and beautiful ways. The soundscapes crafted by BlackWolf are not especially intricate or majestic, instead they are luscious in their simplicity. With a fairly open sound, every instrument is accentuated and allowed to showcase its full potential. One of the things that is best showcased in the bands mix is the voice of their lead singer. Throughout The Hunt he showcases the unique ability to roar as well as to croon. He has an excellent range and really takes the band to a whole new level.

In conclusion, BlackWolf is the sort of act who have the capacity to rise up and take the rock world by storm. And to some degree they already are, with thousands of Facebook fans and an upcoming tour with The Answer the future seems bright for these rockers from Bristol. Soulful and passionate, this is the kind of rock and roll music that the world could only do with more of. Not a lot of bands 'get it' in the way that Blackwolf do and for that they will one day reign triumphant. With a groovy sound that is a blast to listen too I'm excited to here what they put out next!

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