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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sceptre-Age of Calamity

I have long been a supported of the Indian metal scene and today I am proud to be able to talk about the latest release from metal titans Sceptre. These guys have been around and crushing skulls since 1998, suffice to say, the men of Sceptre are among the greatest in the Indian metal community. Their new record Age of Calamity is proof that these Mumbai natives are still at the forefront of their national scene. An exciting and passionate new record, Age of Calamity is a thrash metal release seemingly designed for the twenty first century, fast crazy and violent.

See, Sceptre have been around for a long while and they know how to write some top notch thrash metal. Their years of experience show in Age of Calamity. From the anthemic title track to the technical riffs that abound in many of the songs you can see, Sceptre are masters of the craft. Yet don't think that with age Sceptre have lost some of their unbridled aggression. No, the band still clearly has a deepset hatred for society, and it's present from the first shrieks of the album. Speaking of which, the vocals on this record are among the angriest and most violent that I have heard in a long time. The pride and glory that drives the band forward, they are the icing on a heavy metal cake.

If you want a thrash metal record that will grab you by the hair and smash your face repeatedly into the ground, then this is the album for you. Not a lot of bands get this sheer level of brutality in their sound without resorting to primitive methods. No, Sceptre are loud, heavy, and ready to rip your throat out. This is the kind of take no prisoners thrash metal that the scene needs more of. These guys have already been cracking skulls for sixteen years, who knows what the next sixteen will hold. Hopefully they'll somehow manage to match the chaotic triumph of Age of Calamity.

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