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Saturday, January 25, 2014


Colosso is a rather interesting progressive metal band from Portugal. These guys create interesting sounds with soundscapes that are frequently hard to define. Shifting and turning throughout, there is a sort of magic to Colosso's sound that few bands can compare too. The way that this band plays with dark and light is impressive and showcases a group whose songwriting abilities are not to be underestimated. Oftentimes I am even a little shocked that this mere four piece can get a sound as huge as their new record Thallium showcases at every opportunity.

Their is a clear dedication to 70s style prog to be found here, especially in the chunky and spiralling riffs of tracks like Orthogonal Path. In fact, they are so wonderfully delivered it is kind of a disappointment when the vocals come in. This group is capable of so much from a purely instrumental standpoint and the instrumental tracks off Thallium are my favorites. The mixture of the technical and melodic riffs with darker power chord based blasts is also impressive. It creates an inspiring contrast which encourages the listener to go out and explore new types of sound. Thallium is magic in its sheer variety, for this, even though it is relatively short, it is worth many a listen.

In closing, these six tracks may only encompass a twenty two minute run time, but somehow they go beyond all of that. Creating a sound that is incredibly beautiful in its unique construction Thallium has captured my heart. Not a lot of bands understand how to mix a huge variety of sounds into a cohesive whole, yet the abrasive yet atmospheric glory of Colosso shows that these four gentlemen simply get it. Prog nerds one and all rejoice, here is a band that combines all of what you love with something more, that mysterious element that makes music truly great, and it becomes clear with a little development, Colosso could become legends.

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