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Friday, January 24, 2014

Suffering Hour

Suffering Hour are a top notch death metal act off Tridroid record. Their sound is pretty clearly in the old school death metal field but there is a lot going on here. From Swedish death metal type riffs to parts that could have only been ripped out of the swampy marshes of Florida these Minnesota metallers have got a lot going them. Clearly glorifying in their chaos and raw energy there is a sort of incredible power here that few can really measure up too. The combination of styles and unique blend of ideas, like the acoustics and black metal riffs on Truths of the Unknown show the multidirectional approach of this group. Their is something special going on here, showing that Suffering Hour have the potential to really go far. The way that these lads have crafted a unique sound that is wholly their own shows us that there is no real predicting the future of metal. I just hope that more metalheads can find a place in their hearts for the crunchy and sick tones that Suffering Hour dish out, time after time,

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