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Saturday, January 25, 2014


I have long praised Swedish Death Metal for its raw brutality and finality. There is a certain overarching power to be had in the likes of bands like Entombed and Asphyx that can not be denied. So when you get a band who understand and reflect upon this legacy of torment, fear and burning hate, well, you kind of have to love them. Decomposed prove with their stunning new record, Devouring, that they know how to write some top notch death metal filled with impressive chugs, melodic fills and a bottom end that squishes your brain out of your ears.

Decomposed have a very impressive and rather distinct riff style. Though it definitely falls in the Swedish school (The band is after all from Sundsvall) there are some interesting elements in here. Be it the doom metal vibes found on the last track Decomposition, or some of the black metal flavored riffs found in earlier songs, Devouring shows a band who really know their extreme music. It goes between styles with ease, all with a single, angular focus of total death metal annihilation. What more could a hoary old lover of the genre ask for? Decomposed have the rage and the power, now all they really need is the major label force behind them to drive it to a new level.

In closing, if you want the sort of death metal album that rips your face off and makes a cruel mockery of all you once held holy. Well then, Devouring is the album for you. Decomposed know how to put together a metal record and they don't care who knows it. Loud and proud not a lot of bands get this vicious these days. I can see Decomposed going far, with a little luck Memento Mori (Their label) will help them to take their game to a whole new level and prove that Swedish Death Metal will never die, but only rise again, harder and stronger.

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  1. Nice review.

    I'm pretty sure Asphyx come from the Netherlands though :)