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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Culted-Oblique to All Paths

Culted is a band of two parts, on the one hand we have the majority of the group based in Canada, but then the singer, the mysterious Daniel Jansson of Deadwood. Their new record Oblique to All Paths is a perfect example of the magic of doom metal in 2014. With a mixture of unique sounds, harsh vocals and some truly top notch songwriting Culted have transcended their 2009 debut, Below the Thunders of the Upper Deep. It's rare that it happens but Oblique to All Paths has been worth the half decade of waiting that Culted have subjected us too.

See, Oblique to All Paths is simply colossal. The gargantuan forces behind songs like Transmittal can not be denied. From the twenty minute long opening mantra that is Brooding Hex you know you are in for something special as you get pulled down the pipe of doom metal madness. The way the soundscapes are constructed on Oblique to All Paths is pretty unique, even within the doom scene. The thing is that Culted are by no mean just a doom band. On this record there is a stunning mixture of genres, from a heavy dose of black metal to touches of spoken word. This mixture keeps things interesting and exciting, showcasing fresh ideas in a growing doom scene.

In closing, if you want a record that will bowl you over not just with metric heaviness but also wonderfully raw vibes then this is the album for you. Culted have brewed up something special with Oblique to All Paths and with the right amount of exposure it might just become a regular feature on many a top 10 list for the year. Let's just say, it's great that Relapse picked these guys up, hopefully now they can get the press and distribution they deserve. And if it's going to be another five years before the next Culted record I will be very, very disappointed.

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