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Friday, January 17, 2014

Monks of Mellonwah-Turn the People

I have covered Monks of Mellonwah quite a bit in the past, and with good reason. These award winning Australians have some innovative and magical alternative rock magic. Their new full length Turn the People is actually made up of a trilogy of EP's they put out in 2013. So where does that leave us now? Well, quite frankly, this is essentially the best alternative rock debut that I have heard in many years. The mysterious Monks of Mellonwah have an aura of power around them that can not be dissuaded, and that is what will allow them to truly triumph.

I especially enjoy how cinematic so many of these songs are. There is a sort of otherworldly power to tracks like Escaping Alcatraz. With Turn the People Monks of Mellonwah transcend their records forty six minute run time and instead come out to make something that goes beyond. The music of Monks of Mellonwah reaches out and rubs against the soul. With strangely anthemic pieces, like the legendary Pulse Turn the People draws you in, and if my listening is any indication, it will never let you back out. The lush and majestic soundscapes that give this record so much depth capture my heart in a way that few records can. Do not be dissuaded, my metal brethren, by the 'Alt rock' sticker so often applied to this group, theyy are so much more.

So, if you want the sort of record that will drive right into your heart and give you a new way to look at an entire genre, then Turn the People is the album for you. Already having been featured on MTV, Discovery Channel and Fox Sports this band knows how to sell their brilliant brand of rock and roll magic. Music lovers across the globe will be talking about Turn the People decades from now. This is Monks of Mellonwah's crowning achievement so far and their is no way that they will falter given the momentum they've already built up. Prepare your ears dear readers, this is Monks of Mellonwah and by Thor is it good.

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