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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hiss from the Moat-Misanthropy

Bleak and simply evil Hiss from the Moat is the latest and greatest blaspheming band to come off Lacerated Enemy Records. The kind of group who infuse their music with a spirit that could only come from the black pits of hell. It's wonderful to discover music that simply reeks of the darkness that Hiss from the Moat so clearly revel in. There is a sort of cathartic and healing quality to the blazing and brutal hatred as presented on their new record Misanthropy. Featuring the drummer from Hour of Penance, Hiss from the Moat are ferocious and insane.

One of the most appealing things about this record is well, the sheer misanthropy. The unadulterated hatred for religion and light is impressive. It fits in nicely with some of the most ferocious blackened death metal riffs that have rung across the earth in years. Another really impressive aspect of this record is the drumming, there are simply so many crazy fills and blazing blast beats that you have to acknowledge, this guy really knows what he's doing. As a whole, the unapologetic soundscapes found on Misanthropy really help to drag you into the record, enslaving you to the sheer power that the blackened death metal genre is rightly known for extolling.

So, death metal lovers one and all, let your hair fly, this is the sort of record that will punish you with brutality, grind your bones to dust, and leave you a thrall to the raw evil of a genre left behind by the rest of the world. Well thought out and often strangely beautiful, Hiss from the Moat are the last word on blackened death metal in 2014 and I think that they could go far. Metal freaks across the globe turn it up and prepare to snap your neck off with head banging madness. This is metal at its finest, fast, heavy, and simply ready to tear out your juggular, check out Misanthropy today!

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