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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Hatebreed styled metallic hardcore meant for the pit. Yes please! Throwdowns' first record in four years is easily among their best. Heavy and destructive, Throwdown have recaptured the magic that made their first few records so special. Mixed by Zeuss, the same man who does such giants as Hatebreed and Crowbar this is perhaps Throwdown's best sounding record to date. Let's just say Intolerance is making an early bid for the greatest tried and true hardcore release of 2014. Addicted to violence and turned up to eleven, this is metallic hardcore at its finest.

I especially like how raw and heavy so much of the record sounds. Yet this is counterbalanced by top notch production that keeps Intolerance hitting below the belt, time after time. Sure the run time of Intolerance is pretty short, but every song means something and really gets to the heart of the matter. There is a much deeper power to Intolerance than was found on other Throwdown albums. These New Wave of American Heavy Metal stalwarts have come out with something powerful and reminiscent of the glory days of the movement. Straight edge and ready to chop you to bits Intolerance is the kind of metallic hardcore that makes me want to start a circle pit in the middle of the classroom I write this from.

Groovy and powerful, Intolerance is going to make a big splash when it hits stores February 24th. A band who have never put out a bad record have once more proven their staying might. With eleven brief songs Throwdown round us up and beat us down, showing that no one messes with true hardcore. Not a lot of bands from the New Wave of American Heavy Metal still retain this kind of desperation and anger yet Throwdown have stayed true to themselves. All I can say now, is let's just hope that they don't wait another four years to put out Intolerance's sequel.

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