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Monday, January 27, 2014

Freedom Call-Beyond

Freedom Call have long been among my favorite power metal bands. Few other groups have this kind of raw silliness that is precisely matched with a high level of technical skill and strong knowledge of songwriting. The end result of all of this is the sort of record that power metal fans across the globe will rally around. With party songs, battle epics and everything in between Freedom Call have gone above and beyond their normal standards with this latest record. It showcases all of the magic of power metal not just as a genre but as an ethos, and for that it stands tall.

One of my favorite aspects of Beyond is the sheer power of the chorus. Freedom Call have always placed a special emphasis on explosive vocals, but on Beyond it seems to be taken to a new level. This is the kind of thing that was meant to be played to arenas, from the first song with it's repetitive cry of 'Jump!' you realize that these tracks were made to be played live, yet still energizing and exciting on the album. This record captures all of the things that make Freedom Call so good and puts them in one place. These fourteen tracks capture the heart and soul of a band who seem destined to rock, louder and harder than anyone else.

So if you want the kind of power metal record that rock hard and trve, well, you can search no more. Beyond understands the magic of a genre meant for those who love the likes of Maiden and Priest but want something more, something that is, how shall I say... gloriously nerdy. Freedom Call are ridiculous and know it, and so become passionate and powerful. This is the sort of record people will speak about for years to come. There is a certain magic to Beyond that suggests heavy metal will never die, if only because more incredible and heart lifting records like this one need to come out!

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