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Monday, January 27, 2014


Salt of the Earth cover art

Rintrah plan an interesting and highly expressive brand of progressive metal that is unique and wholly their own. Their is a distinct feel to this band, in how they create soundscapes and craft their pieces. Every song has something different, new and exciting, showing vast swaths of uncharted heavy metal territory. While the influence of bands like Tool is clear in the strange way the songs are formed and Kyuss in terms of riffage, there is something entirely different going on too. Rintrah are forging ahead into strange new earths. Asides from the mesmerizing and powerful riffs, the vocals help to make the entire affair wholly unique. The way they mix cleans and growls is impressive and the epic, almost chanted nature of the the clean vocals helps to make things mysterious and beautiful. In short, Rintrah are creating some of the best music to come out of Nashville in years. These guys are driving the scene forward with a sound that simply can not be imitated. Fresh and exciting I can not wait to hear how these prog masters develop!

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