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Friday, January 10, 2014


Progtronica cover art

Gumshen is the kind of unique genre bending band that the world could only do with more of. You see, Gumshen have got it in mind to create a sound that mixes indie, electronic music and progressive music to get something new, exciting, and well, totally unheard of. Their is something unique and powerful going on here that (pardon the pun) must have taken a lot of gumption to pull off. The way that Gumshen craft their songs is unique, the electronic elements that abound throughout the music give the entire thing a very unique flavor and make me curious to hear more from this band. The entire structure of their latest release Progtronica defies expectations, from the stunning beginning in Bell Ringer to the masterful closing track Fragile We Are Castles. Gumshens soundscapes are impressive and diverse, making you fall in love with the type of music that you simply don't get enough of. An incredibly successful fusion of diverse genres I am excited to hear what these guys put out in the future!

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