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Friday, January 10, 2014

Septicflesh-A Fallen Temple

<br />Septicflesh - A Fallen Temple

Yes, I know I usually do new albums, but Septicflesh have elected to rerelease their 1998 classic A Fallen Temple. The fourth album from these heavy metal lords, A Fallen Temple catches Septicflesh at a rather interesting time in their development. With both re recordings of some of their original works as well as some of their most forward thinking and innovative work. Universally viewed as one of their finest releases A Fallen Temple captures something more. Showing the incredible diversity and power of death metal, sounding still fresh and beautiful sixteen years later.

Yet, there are still some aspects that could be polished. For example, some of the growls feel shockingly uncouth in regards to the rest of the music. It creates a strange dichotomy that is at first hard to grasp. Yet once you reach the end of the record they have become somehow endearing. Bits and pieces of the production too feel a tad off, and I think with real instruments rather than the synthesized ones that dominate this record. Still, Septicflesh overcome all of this with A Fallen Temple it showcases the bands sheer songwriting ability as well as their incredible development. They way that they evolved as musical geniuses is never better captured than on this release.

In closing, these thirteen tracks (and a single version) represent some of the best and most developed classically inspired death metal that I have ever heard. Septicflesh captured their spirit with A Fallen Temple but showcased how they could still develop, and develop they did. I think that A Fallen Temple deserves recognition as a death metal masterwork. Proof of the incredible power that one of the worlds most incredible groups known to the underground had, and will always have over us kids who just want something loud, proud, and, in Septicflesh's case, beauty.

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