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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Leaf Hound-Live in Japan

Long time readers know, that I, like many metalheads, got my start in the genre with a healthy love for proto metal bands like Led Zeppelin, a love that continues to this day. And while there are many modern day imitators it is rare to find a band who are actually from that epoch who are also wonderfully underground. Leaf Hound is one such band and their new release Live in Japan forty years after their all time cult classic Grower of Mushrooms. Recorded one day in 2012 this release showcases all of the magic of those early 70s hard rock bands and proves it can last for years on end.

Their is a certain vitality to be found in Leaf Hounds sound that proves that these guys never stopped believing in rock and roll. Unlike many of their contemporaries who are pretty clearly just doing it for the money, Leaf Hound are proving themselves to be hard rock lords, years after their prime. With the seven tracks that make up Live in Japan Leaf Hound manage to distill the glory of those early years of the genre. Exciting and dynamic, these songs easily reach out and show the listener the power of this band. One key thing to note is that the production is absolutely stellar, and aside from a few minor issues with drum sound Leaf Hound are allowed to rock as passionately as they did in years past.

What else is to be said then? With chunky and powerful riffs, Leaf Hound made a name for themselves in the 70s. Now, in the sixth decade of their existence they have put out the sort of live release that will one day go down in legend next to the bands classic albums. A triumphant return from a band who were never given the respect they truly deserved I hope this preludes new material. Their new line up might even be better than the classic one and the way that Leaf Hound roar out of the gate from track one suggests that maybe we too should take down our barricades and embrace the rock and roll magic of this group.

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