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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pus Vomit-Stoned to Death

Filipino death metal has always had its own unique flavor. The bands from this region of the world always tend to be the most brutal, the heaviest, and the most violent. Pus Vomit are no exception to this rule, their bone crunchingly brutal music is not the kind of thing that people easily listen too. Fueled by sick growls and destructive blast beats, their new record Stoned to Death proves Pus Vomit to be one of few bands who get at the raw heaviness and indescribable anger that death metal is rightly known for.

Their is a sort of undying and unadulterated evil that dominates this release, the sort of thing which showcases a band who refuse to be set down. I'll be the first to admit, if you're not in the mood, or you're not the right kind of person the five tracks of rage (Six if you count the hidden one) found here give no quarter. Pus Vomit have the incredible ability to dilute all of their hatred and rage into a relatively short period of time, such that by the end of this record you are feeling beat up and broken. There is no escape from the skull cracking destruction found in this bands music.

So if you are a gore freak, a lover of all that is impure, or simply want the most extreme stuff on the market. Well then, Stoned to Death is for you. Chugging riffs galore create a wall of sound that comes down to decapitate the listener. This is not metal for the light of heart, no, only the death metal purist will really dig into Pus Vomit. Their frog like croaks and colossal bottom end brook no posers, and probably will alienate some metal dudes. Yet for those of you who like it as heavy as it comes, Stoned to Death is for you!

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