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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Spectral Tower

Now this is the kind atmospheric and experimental heavy music that I can get behind. Spectral Tower is a two man project from San Luis Obispo, a burgeoning force on the doom metal scene. With an epic and powerful sound Spectral Tower simply transcend what common musicians can do. There is a roaring might and beauty behind their music that not enough bands these days really get at. Their self titled six song debut release is the kind of thing which could easily become a cornerstone of the scene. Ranging from acoustic magic to blazing black metal fury with loads of fuzzy doom in between Spectral Tower certainly isn't for everyone. Yet for those of us who prefer to dwell in a land of twisted growls, extended song structures and concepts that boggle the mind, Spectral Tower is a most triumphant act. If you want a band who understand the sheer beauty of doom then this is certainly the act for you. With rumored live appearances coming up, Spectral Tower could very well go on to be one of the defining metal acts of this decade.

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