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Monday, January 20, 2014


Synaesthesia is a mental condition where you see colors when you hear music. I have it and I must say, it really enhances my enjoyment of sound. So what happens when a band tries to compress these feelings into a prog album? Sheer progressive madness. With their stunning self titled debut, Synaesthesia show an incredible potential to rise up as one of the worlds prog greats, in a scene that is overwhelmed with posers and incompetents. Powerful and passionate this is the kind of music that shows the neverending glory that prog has.

From the twenty two minute plus opening mantra of Time, Tension, and Intervention Synaesthesia reaches out and won't let go. There is a certain magic behind a band who can mix epics like that with shorter and catchier pieces like the always fun Technology Killed the Kids. Synaesthesia clearly know how to write some top notch stuff. The mix of styles found on this record is also very cool. One thing in particular I like from this is the electronic elements that Synaesthesia frequently bring in. When this is offset by rock or even metal beats it creates an interesting dichotomy that is sure to leave the listener guessing. The end result is a beautiful spiralling masterwork that leaves the listener begging for more.

Synaesthesia have pulled out all the stops for this record and it leaves me wondering how they could top it in their sophomore release. Here is a band who have fused styles and brought in unique elements all of their own. With its soaring and melodic keyboard lines Synaesthesia creates luscious soundscapes that few can deny. The way that Synaesthesia craft melodies that shift in crazy, yet strangely familiar ways you realize that there is no stopping these guys. Synaesthesia is a musical juggernaut and at this point we can only hold on and enjoy the ride.

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