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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Conan-Blood Eagle

Doom metal is experiencing quite the revival these days, their is a lot of exciting stuff going on right now and it's hard to ignore the incredible power that the genre has over the metal masses. See, doom metal is more than just a musical statement, it is a tribute to something so heavy, so colossal, that none can get around it. Conan embody all that is heavy, bleak and powerful with their new record Blood Eagle six tracks of destructive riffs, powerful vocals and a dedication to all that is slow, poignant, and, after its own fashion, beautiful.

One of the most wonderful things about Blood Eagle is the bottom end. Reminiscent of doom metal acts like Witchfinder General, St. Vitus, or even Black Sabbath the swing found in tracks like Gravity Chasm adds a certain fun to the record. The raw heaviness of the whole affair means that throughout you feel like the band is held together more by sheer empathy than anything else. This goes to show the magic of Conan, that they can stick together through thick and thin, crafting music so bone crunchingly heavy that after consecutive listens I need to take a lie down. Toss in some otherworldly vocal lines that seem ripped from the lungs of a devil and you have yourself some true metal magic.

Blood Eagle is not necessarily the kind of record you would initiate someone to doom metal with. Yet if you like it loud, proud, and  heavier than a very heavy thing Conan will do you good. Not a lot of bands grasp the meaning of doom metal, there is starting to be a glut of groups who are weak, missing the point. Yet Conan manage to stay on target, crafting riffs that go for the heart and show a dedication to all things heavy. Groovy and mighty, Conan have outdone themselves with Blood Eagle and I need to wonder how they will top themselves on the next release!

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