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Friday, February 14, 2014

Nervosa-Victim of Yourself

An all girl thrash metal band from Brazil, this trio has only been around since 2010, yet they are already setting the world on fire with their own brand of old school tinged neo thrash. A stunning follow up to 2012s powerful demo Victim of Yourself is proof that Nervosa are here to conquer. This is not thrash for the light of hard, blazing with the rage of a bear, and filled with stunning bass lines, Victim of Yourself makes no compromises in the face of adversity and blasts your head off for 12 mind ripping tracks. Suffice to say, Nervosa are the best thing to come out of South America since Sepultura.

Victim of Yourself stands out for a few key reasons. First, it is important to note Fernanda's stunning vocal attack. There is an incredible hatred here that allows her to reach out and scream like there is no tomorrow. She brings the listener into the record and drowns them in a well of thrash metal brilliance. Furthermore, the riffs are simply top notch. Filled with breaks and bass driven sections, Victim of Yourself is not afraid to get incredibly heavy. In addition, there are a lot of flashy and fun guitar solos which are usually kept to a sparse few bars. This adds to the energy of the music and helps to show the power of Nervosa as songwriters. This is not your average thrash band, Nervosa bring the rage and they know it!

Nervosa have struck a chord with me because unlike many of their contemporaries this is not just a gimmick band. Sure they're an all girl group, but that does not seem to define their sound. The female tinge on Fernanda's vocals simply adds flavor, it is not a centerpiece of the sound. Nervosa let the music do the talking, and it does more than enough to prove that this band has an excellent understanding of what it is to thrash. With blazing speed and blasting drum beats, nothing will stop this band from taking the crown as thrash metal queens. So what can you do but grab on to Victim of Yourself and hope to be dragged along for the ride!

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  1. The best thing to come out of Brazil is Violator guys...