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Thursday, February 13, 2014

I Am Heresy-Thy Will

Oftentimes when a band bills themselves as a cross between three or more genres the end result of the sound is a confused mish-mash that shows a band who are unsure of themselves or their creative direction. Upon first listen, I thought this was the case with I Am Heresy. Yet now, after multiple spins I have started to find something deeper and more powerful in their new record Thy Will. This is more than just a confused and heavy record, Thy Will is a statement filled with heretical messages and an undeniable energy that takes the best from a vast swathe of genres.

At first one of the things that alienated me about Thy Will and the I Am Heresy sound in general was the use of clean vocals on some of their songs. Yet as I get deeper into the music I start to realize that their is a good reason for this. The melodic lines fit in nicely with this too and create a stunning contrast with the more hardcore punk parts. The result of this is a record that sounds more like Anciients than Devil Wears Prada, and for that it is great. Not a lot of bands grasp how to make this distinct balance yet I Am Heresy revel in it. These are clearly songwriters for a new generation of metalheads, men who understand what it is to craft songs that bring everything together and come out better because of it.

I Am Heresy is not for the light of heart, and they tend to bring in ideas that might alienate certain groups of metalheads. Yet, for those who like it loud, proud, and very different, well then, for them Thy Will will be worth many a listen. I Am Heresy clearly have an incredible talent behind them and more than deserve their contract with Century Media. A band who let their hair fly fusing elements of melodic rock, jazz fusion, hardcore punk, death metal and more, is hard to come by these days. Suffice to say Thy Will leaves the listener begging for a sequel!

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