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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Craving-At Dawn

Germanic folk metal with touches of death and black metal in their for good measure, sign me up! Craving have satisfied my own more personal craving for hard hitting folk metal that combines the rage of a bear and the delicate caresses of a wood nymph. Craving are more than just a folk metal band, they represent a lifestyle and a way of being that is more in touch with our pagan forefathers. Their is a beautiful and roaring magic to their new record At Dawn which features ten tracks of German metal madness blazing along at its finest.

The first thing that will probably strike you about Craving's sound is the sheer magic of the melody. Few modern folk metal groups can create hooks that are as catchy and powerful as these. One great example of this is in the track Olga. Another thing to note is that At Dawn features many songs sung in German. Normally I have problem with metal that isn't English or French because not understanding the lyrics bothers me. Yet here they are delivered with such charisma and passion that craving overcome the language barrier and achieve something greater, more atavistic and powerful, folk metal for the masses, so that all can feel like true sons of the north.

Craving have crafted a monolithic folk metal statement with At Dawn the sort of record that transcends the genre simply because it has so many triumphant moments. One of the fastest and most emotionally charged folk metal bands to rise out of Germany in the last few years Craving are here to craft folk metal that will capture hearts and crack skulls. There are folk metal bands that simply make tracks to party, and others that try to forward pagan ideas in a heavyhanded manner. Craving are neither of those, they simply pay respect to those who came before and by Woden is it good!

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