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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


When a Swedish band bills themselves as death metal you know you're in for a good time. Vampire are the latest maniacs to come out of the legendary Gothenburg scene and they truly understand what it is to infuse their music with bleak and powerful heavy metal magic. Filled with crushing riffs, flashy solos, and wonderfully horrifying growls, Vampire have done something special with their debut release, creating death metal mastery of a sort that will last forever in the hearts of men, there is no respite, and no escape from this music, Vampire will grab you by the hair and beat your skull into the ground.

Another thing that makes Vampire such an appealing record is the sheer rage behind the music. This band has been fighting since day one, and since their demo tape conquered the underground they've been roaring along proud and strong. See, Vampire have a wonderful sense of what it is to riff. The way that they craft crushing melodic lines on tracks like Ungodly Warlock showcases this. While they may not follow the riff patterns laid out by Entombed their are still many elements of Swedish Death Metal in the bands sound and it helps to make them even more potent and exciting. This is truly death metal for the modern man, the kind of thing that mixes ideas to get something unique and all powerful.

Vampire is not the kind of record that your average music fan will enjoy, but the band doesn't try to appeal to those outside of the death metal underground. I think that they're right in doing this, there is a certain stunning authenticity to Vampire that few of their contemporaries have. So now what more can I say but turn it up and prepare to throw out your neck. Not for the faint of heart Vampire will crack skulls across the globe. Now that the band has a pretty major deal with Century Media Records I could see them going far, let's just hope they can follow up the magic of this record in their sophomore release!

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