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Friday, February 21, 2014

Daturha and Towards End Rapture at Pixi Bar

So tonight I went out to another new venue the Pixi Bar, a small underground room which is actually just outside of Paris. This venue was pretty interesting because on the main level there was a bar playing Arabic pop music and then underground was a small room for death metal. Though only a handful of people showed up the two bands that I got to see played their hearts out and showcased a wonderful dedication to metal. One was an old favorite and the other a new flame, who I am very excited to hear more from, all in all, it was a memorable evening.

Considering up until ten minutes before the set started I was the only person in the audience, Daturha were very exciting to see live. With hair flying everywhere and some wonderfully technical guitar lines, this is a band who know how to have fun on stage. While they were impacted by technical problems (Their was a generally mediocre sound set up, no fault of the bands) these guys played through it with aplomb. Daturha are clearly all excellent musicians and their unique brand of prog is stunning to see live. Their was a certain magical, almost transcendent feel to the music. Daturha clearly have greater things in mind and I'm excited to see them play live again!

It's been something like a year and a half since I last saw Towards End Rapture play and since then they have taken massive strides forward. Their sound is much more professional, powerful and in your face than when I saw them at Le Klub in July of 2012. With a mixture of new material and some old favorite, Towards End Rapture proved once again that they are one of the most exciting, unique, and simply good groups on the French scene. Notable for their powerful riffs and their use of three vocalists (Every member plays an instrument and sings) this is not a band to be taken lightly. Let's hope that they manage to organize a few good shows in the near future!

In closing, sure the venue was mediocre and a bare minimum of punters in attendance, but something special happened. The elusive spirit of the underground was invoked, showing that no matter what, metal will live on, even if it is in some shady bar in a crappy suburb. Call me a romantic, but for just a few moments today, both bands that I saw were able to invoke this spirit in such a way that their was a sort of collective rising up, past the burdens of everyday life. For a few shining seconds, every at Le Pixi was able to feel fully, and truly, alive.

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