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Friday, February 21, 2014


Event Horizon EP cover art

Isotopes is an exciting new progressive metal band who are part of the post djent generation. Their sound is not at all defined by the djent movement, yet it has clearly had a massive influence on their sound. Their new EP Event Horizons showcases this. Event Horizons is a finely polished release that demonstrates some wonderful songwriting as well as incredible technical skill. One of my favorite parts of the Isotopes sound is the incredible guitar soloing. Their are parts here that are just to die for. Clearly these guys have put in their hours and hours (and hours) of practice to get something that sounds this good and comes across so tight. While there is some development that needs to be made in finding the bands own sound, Isotopes seem to have a pretty clear overall artistic direction. I'm excited to see how this goes forward, simply because there are not a lot of bands blessed with musicians this good these days. Prepare to let your hair fly my friends, Isotopes are bringing prog metal to the max! 

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