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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Running Death-The Call of Extinction

The Call of Extinction EP cover art

It's Saturday morning, I wake up, feeling barely hung over from the night before, excited for the gig tonight. What better way to fill the time than to listen to some triumphant Teutonic thrash metal? These German thrashers have recently put out The Call of Extinction.  A tight little EP containing five top notch thrash metal epics, showcasing the power and the glory of a band sent to Earth with the purpose of crushing posers, and starting mosh pits across the globe. There is no other way to put it, Running Death are true thrash metal, and by Wodin, are they good!

One of my favorite aspects of the Running Death sound is the riffs. They clearly are from the old school of German thrash metal reminding me of groups like Sodom. Furthermore, there are some wonderful solos on hand here. They are often tightly controlled and add an incredible precision to a band who seem to be so dedicated to brutality. My one complaint is that the lead singers German accent stands out a bit too much. But even then, this only adds flavor and helps to give the music a bit more of a local touch. The delivery is excellent too, showcasing a man who understands how to rip out some top notch thrash vocals, the icing on the metaphorical cake.

In closing, The Call of Extinction is a fun and mind bending thrash record. Not a lot of bands get at this level of brutality and fatality. With a huge bottom end courtesy of a gloriously thudding bass line, The Call of Extinction charges out of the speakers into the hearts of the fans, showing a new way forward and hope for a new generation of thrash metal. Combining the best of the old with the magic of the new, Running Death are an ejoyable listen if nothing else. I am excited to hear what they come out with next, a full length should be most triumphant indeed!

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