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Monday, February 17, 2014

Enthrallment-The Voice of Human Perversity

Enthrallment is the kind of death metal band who brook no posers. They will have no truck with 'melody' or other such mainstream sins. Their new record The Voice of Human Perversity is death metal at its finest, roaring and unholy. This is not music for the weak or the loving, Enthrallment will tear your heart out, metal freaks who have dedicated everything to brutality and hatred. Enthrallment understand the spirit of death metal and give the genre credence as a way to express pure and undilluted emotion. Definitely not  music for the faint of heart.

The thing that makes The Voice of Human Perversity so exciting is the way it evidences the magic of blast beats and skulls cracking. Their is a wonderful pedigree behind this group, they've been around since 1996, true masters of the old school. There is no real mercy in the destructive and unapologetic might of these Bulgarians. These eight tracks provide no real respite, yet it is wonderfully structured such that you don't feel the incredible brutality as confining or limiting. Instead, The Voice of Human Perversity takes the sheer aggression of death metal and makes it into something liberating and free, the ultimate music to save your soul from oppression.

With a career spanning eighteen years of brutality, hatred, and destruction. There is no mercy or relief here, and that makes Enthrallment glorious. This is not the kind of band who will accept the world the way it is, instead they preach their message of destruction and doom to the masses. I'm honestly shocked that Enthrallment aren't bigger than they are, there is so much talent and power to be had here. I think that The Voice of Human Perversity may very well be the record that will launch one of Bulgaria's most legendary underground bands to a well deserved seat of power.

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